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Annual Biggest Loser Contest!


The Greene County Rural Health Network's second annual Biggest Loser contest is coming to a close on April 4, 12 weeks after it started in mid-January. 380 people joined the contest, representing over 30 organizations throughout Greene County! Over 40 cash prizes will be awarded to people who lost the most weight! A combined total of about 630 people participated in the two contests. People are recognizing the need to lose weight and they are more motivated to do so if they lose weight with their friends. Plus, all those cash prizes just create added motivation!

Rural Health Network Awards Cash Prizes to 10 Biggest Losers at Contest Mid-Point

The Greene County Rural Health Network's Healthy Weight Initiative is pleased to announce that 10 Greene county residents were awarded cash prizes halfway through the second annual Biggest Loser contest. The mid-point awards were given to recognize weight-loss progress after 6 weeks and to motivate people to continue their efforts.

The winners are: Emily Pell, Lillian Johnson, Elizabeth Edwards, Jeneen Winegard, George Bain, Marina Farber, Shelly Gouza, Kristy Borwegan, Adam Greco, and JoAnn Pignotti.

Winners were chosen randomly. As part of the contest, participants were given a weight loss guide, calorie counting wheels, and weekly tips to assist them in their weight loss.

Managing Your Weight Loss with
Manageable Challenges
This program provides a realistic way to lose weight. Calculate your recommended Daily Calorie Cap with our NEW Calculator here!
The Healthy Weight Initiative aims to promote healthy weight among Greene County residents through exercise opportunites, healthier food options, and support for those struggling
with eating disorders.

Our NEW weight loss tools!

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Find high-quality health care right here in Greene County!

Health Insurance

The last day for individuals and families to enroll in a Qualified Health Plan through NY State of Health (Health Exchange) was March 31st

Most consumers will now have to wait until November 15th to enroll in a plan that will be effective in 2015.

Additional Time to Enroll

There are very limited exceptions, called Qualifying Life Events, to enrolling after the March 31st deadline. If a consumer has a Qualifying Life Event, they may get more time to enroll but consumers must tell NY State of Health about the Qualifying Life Event within 60 days of the event. Examples of these events include marriage, divorce, job loss, death of a spouse, etc.

Enrollment for Child Health Plus and Medicaid continues all year, so the March 31st deadline does not apply to individuals and families signing up for those programs.

You can get personal help by calling the Columbia County Community Healthcare at:
(518) 822-9600

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