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The Greene County Rural Health Network presents the 3rd Annual new & improved Biggest Loser Weight Loss & Maintenance Contest for your worksite!
This year's Biggest Loser Contest will consist of 2 parts: a 12-week weight loss contest, followed by a 17-week weight maintenance contest. Each contest will offer cash prizes to the winners. ** In order to participate in the Weight Maintenance contest, you MUST register for the Weight Loss contest AND lose at least 5% of your starting weight.
Biggest Loser Weight Loss Contest:
Initial Weigh-In: January 26, 2015 Final Weigh-In: April 17, 2015
More than 40 cash prizes in two categories:
Percentage of Weight Lost: Total Pounds Lost:
1st place: $300.00 1st place: $300.00
2nd place: $200.00 2nd place: $200.00
3rd place: $100.00 3rd place: $100.00
$50 gift cards for the next 15 contestants $50 gift cards for the next 15 contestants
$25 gift cards for 10 participants at contest mid-point
Biggest Loser Weight Maintenance Contest:
Begins on April 20,2015, Final Weigh-In: August 14, 2015
Weight maintenance participants who maintain or lose weight will be entered into a random drawing to win one of our 30+ cash prizes:
$300, $200, $100
$50 gift cards for 30 participants

Please review the Biggest Loser Contest Rules here.

*Participating worksites must have an on-site Coordinator. To register, contact Melissa Scheriff:*
The Healthy Weight Initiative aims to promote healthy weight among Greene County residents through exercise opportunites, healthier food options, and support for those struggling
with eating disorders.

Managing Your Weight Loss with Manageable Challenges
This program provides a realistic way to lose weight. Calculate your recommended Daily Calorie Cap with our Calculator here!
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To improve access to and delivery of quailty healthcare
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