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Health Weight Initiative
The goal of the Healthy Weight Initiative is to promote healthy weight among Greene county residents. The initiative will help people pursue healthier lifestyles through increased opportunities for exercise, the availability of healthier food options, and support for those struggling with eating disorders. 

Please feel free to
E-MAIL THE HWI TEAM for more information.

Get Active in Greene County! Locally Grown

Engaging in physical activity can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. There are many opportunities for physical activity in Greene County and it is a beautiful time to get outside and enjoy the scenery. Here are some of our local favorites to help you get started.

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Just Ask Us!


NEW: Just Ask Us!
This program was initiated to educate restaurant customers about the willingness of restaurants to modify recipes and portions to help customers follow a healthy diet.

Click here to learn more about this program and for a list of participating restaurants.

Counting Calories - Start Eating a Healthier Diet!

The Healthy Weight Initiative is giving away FREE CALORIE COUNTING WHEELS to the first 100 people who pledge to start eating a healthier diet and counting calories. To get your free calorie counting wheel, fill out the form below and hit submit.

Need help staying healthy?
Check out our Resources page for information and links that can get you on the right path.