Board Members and Officers - Greene County Rural Health Network

About Us

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Board Members and Officers

The Network endeavors to have a membership that is truly representative of the Greene County community. Our goal is to make sure all interests are represented so that we can achieve our mission to improve the health of the community. Our members represent consumers, providers, government, businesses and industry in Greene County.

Our Officers
Michael Gelfand, President
Theresa Lux, Vice President
Florence Ohle, Secretary-Treasurer

Board Members
James Clark
Andrea Dipace
Mark Evans
Patricia Finnegan
Jason Fredenberg
Jeff Friedman
Kim Kaplan
Kira Pospesel
Christine Scrodanus, OD
Beth Schuster
Terry McGee Ward
Patty Whiteman

Our Committee Chairs
Behavioral Health – Michael Gelfand
Healthy Weight Initiative – Theresa Lux
Bylaws – James Clark
Oversight – Mark Evans

Copies of our Federal Form 990, Most Recent Year Audit Report, By-laws, and Conflict of Interest Policy are available upon request.