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Greene County’s Fresh Start Program

Fresh Start participants lose over 800 pounds!

Fresh Start for a Healthy Me, formerly known as Biggest Loser, is a program of the Greene County Rural Health Network and run in collaboration with the Greene County YMCA. The free program began in early February and ended May 28th. Over the course of sixteen weeks, participants were provided the support they needed to reach their goals. This support included healthy tips on nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and also included in-person and virtual clinics, group exercise classes and instructor – led walks throughout the County.

Cash prizes were distributed across several categories throughout the program. Theresa Miron, who won this year’s top prize said of the program, “The program is great, and meeting Michele (GCYMCA’s Wellness Director) at several of the events was informative and motivated me to keep at it. We all know it’s not easy, but being in the Fresh Start program energized me to keep going, and not give up. I am so thankful for the support this program gives everyone who enters and attends.”

Greene County's Fresh Start Program

Congratulations 2024 Winners!

 Theresa Miron   40.1lbs lost

Leanne Matice 35.1lbs lost

Erwin Lampman Jr.  28lbs lost