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In order to best serve Greene County, our team is committed to learning about the issues that face our county’s residents.

The Greene County Rural Health Network worked with the Siena Research Institute to conduct a household survey from 11/19/08 – 11/23/08. You can participate by clicking on the ‘Survey’ tab above or CLICK HERE to see the survey results. 

Additionally, our team has conducted surveys with area physicians and businesses. Key preliminary findings are below:

Physician Survey Results
A survey was conducted of Greene county physicians during the week of November 12-18, 2008. Of the 28 physicians surveyed, we received a 25% response rate. Some of the notable responses are as follows:

  • 100% of respondents believe that obesity is a major public health problem in Greene County
  • At least 25% of patients seen by the physicians surveyed present with conditions that are caused or exacerbated by being overweight
  • The only programs known to respondents to promote healthy weight in Greene County are Curves and Weight Watchers
  • None of the respondents work with insurance companies that are sponsoring a healthy weight program
  • Suggestions offered by respondents:  providing nutrition/fitness counseling in offices; a fitness center in the GMA building; combining Weight Watchers and Curves into a “one-stop shop” program

Business Survey Results
During the week of November 1-8, 2008, we conducted a survey of businesses in Greene County. Of the 101 businesses surveyed, approximately 24% responded. Some preliminary findings are as follows:

  • 45% of businesses reported that obesity has caused health problems among their staff
  • 62% of businesses surveyed reported that they have vending machines on-site for employees. Of that 62%, over 56% responded that the vending machines do not offer healthy alternatives for employees
  • Over 58% of businesses surveyed reported that they do not have a Wellness Committee or Employee Assistance Program that addresses health issues with their employees
  • 80% of businesses reported that they do not provide nutrition/physical fitness messages to their employees through posters, videos, brochures or lectures
  • There are a few businesses surveyed who indicated that they work with insurance companies who offer health incentives and discounts for healthy behavior
  • Suggestions for promoting healthy weight among Greene County businesses: continued education; fitness centers with low cost, flexible hours of operation; walking program