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Congratulations 2021 Greene Walks participants!

The Greene County Rural Health Network congratulates the 185 Greene County residents who completed the 2021 Greene Walks program! The 8-week Greene Walks program came to an end on October 31 after participants logged thousands of miles and completed weekly challenges that took their health to the next level.   Greene Walkers used their walks to help strengthen their physical and emotional selves and used them as a way to help deal with the daily impacts of a pandemic. Although this fall was especially beautiful and mild, participants not only walked outside but also used indoor walking videos and home treadmills to keep moving. In addition to walking, Walk & More participants were challenged to set goals to drink enough water, to get enough sleep, to try new recipes and more!

“Thank you for running this program.  As I mentioned earlier, I am fighting stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and I’m trying to get into a routine to help keep me active when I’m able to do it.  I get out of breath easily with my treatments but one week I was able to really push myself.  This program kept me more focused even though I didn’t walk as long as I would have liked each day, it’s a good start.  I do love to walk and seeing everyone’s photos was a bonus.”  – 2021 Greene Walks participant

“Thank you for the opportunity. It has been a jump start to get me motivated in the right direction.  I’ve lost 10 pounds and 5 inches and so much happier. Each day I walk and I hope to keep on getting healthier. Even my sugar has dropped and feeling so much better. I had lost 85 pounds put back on 30 pounds due to Covid being alone. Now I’m on the right track again thanks to Greene Walks for the motivation.” – 2021 Greene Walks participant

“I just wanted to say thank you I had a lot of fun doing this even though I didn’t get to walk as much as I wanted with both kids it motivated me for the little healthy challenges to come up with creative recipes and new ideas and when I was able to get out and walk I did things like find more hillier routes or try the interval training it was super fun thank you!” – 2021 Greene Walks participant

Women exercising in park

The Greene County Rural Health Network congratulates the 185 Greene County residents who completed the 2020 Greene Walks program!

Walk & More
Weekly $50 Winners

Doreen Tuttle
Deb Gossman
Lisa Trafton
Jodi Larison
Helen Castle
Sue Maraglio
Sharon Butler
Kristine Raskopf
Alisha Schmidt
Sarit Saad
Geri Bradley
Victoria Vagnini
Kevin Hicks
Joanne Wagman
Sara Rupeka
Lisa Warner

Greene Walks
Grand Prize $125 Winners

Tracy Spitz
Patty MacGahan
Elaine Eli
Laurie Day

Greene Walks & More
Jen Moritz
Doreen Tuttle
Laurie Schmidt
Melissa Uht

More Participant Testimonials

“Thank you for running this challenge and being so helpful and supportive throughout. I’ve been struggling with weight gain and a huge reduction in activity level since a knee injury and surgery last year, preceded by Lyme disease, and cancer before that. So much SITTING for 3 years! This challenge has helped me get back to a healthy routine better than anything has in a while. And because of the way you did it, my husband and son were willing to join with me, which was really nice. So thank you very much!” – 2020 Greene Walks Participant

“I’ve achieved what I never thought I would be able to. I am handicapped and have a bad back and hip along with other injuries to my body but I have struggled through and have achieved what I didn’t think I could.” – 2020 Greene Walks Participant

“Thank you for a great eight-week program, I enjoyed the added dimension to this year’s challenge, as well as the information and encouragement you sent each week. I’ve been doing this, I believe, since it was first introduced several years back and look forward to, God willing, next fall’s challenge.” – 2020 Greene Walks Participant

“I had a great time doing this contest!” – 2020 Greene Walks Participant

“Thank you for all the time you spent with us during the last eight weeks ….it was a great challenge in an otherwise challenging time … It kept me moving!” – 2020 Greene Walks Participant

“So much fun!” – 2020 Greene Walks Participant

Thanks for all the emails and tips, helped to feel connected and tried a few new things.

Walk Into Good Health

Learn more about the benefits of walking and how to better perfect your form along with other tips.

Greene County Walking Trails

Walking is a great way to begin or continue an exercise program. There are many walking and hiking trails in our area, click here to view our maps to get started or to find new trails to explore.

Greenville Walking Trails

Health Weight InitiativeThe goal of the Healthy Weight Initiative is to promote healthy weight among Greene county residents. The initiative will help people pursue healthier lifestyles through increased opportunities for exercise, the availability of healthier food options, and support for those struggling with eating disorders.

For more information, please contact Toni Carroll at

Get Active in Greene County!

Engaging in physical activity can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. There are many opportunities for physical activity in Greene County and it is a beautiful time to get outside and enjoy the scenery. Here are some of our local favorites to help you get started. Learn More >

There are many walking and hiking trails in our area. Click a town on the map to view the walking trails OR click on the town name below to download the trail map to get started or to find new trails to explore. You can also find some walking and hiking trails on the Greene Land Trust website, including Mawignack Preserve and Willows at Brandow Point.