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Biggest Loser Contest

The Biggest Loser Greene County Edition


Registration opens on December 15th, 2021. Be sure to check back here to sign up for this year’s contest.

Are you ready for a lifestyle change, to lose some weight and begin a happier and healthier tomorrow? Join our 16 week weight loss competition where you’ll receive weight loss support, weekly tips, free exercise and nutrition clinics and the chance to win cash prizes!  Over 40 cash prizes will be awarded, including 2 $1000 prizes! Biggest Loser begins February 7th and is open to all Greene County residents over the age of 18.  You must sign up with a work group or a community group (list below). If your worksite is interested in becoming a group, email Toni Carroll at Register today!

“2020 hit us all pretty hard. My dad passed away last June and with being in quarantine, I gained quite a few lbs after losing weight in 2019. I was ready to change and ready to start The Greene County Biggest Loser again in 2021. The contest was just what I needed to get moving and eat better. It kept me accountable and I made sure to walk/exercise every day.I am thankful for Greene County Rural Health for offering this contest to our county and for getting me motivated to get the weight off.” – 2020 Biggest Loser participant, Jackie Reese

“When I started this in February, I was as heavy as I had ever been and was losing the ability to do things that everyone takes for granted like tying your shoes…this competition has jumpstarted my drive and the results have made me want it more.  The results work so I’m sticking with it…My goal is 170lbs.  And I will achieve my goal.” – Biggest Loser participant, Jeremy Newkirk

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“Thank you very much!! It has been a great 4 months and this contest has really helped me on my weight loss journey”

“I’ve been really happy with the Biggest Loser program and feel much better as was able to keep on the right path and did lose weight.  I appreciated that the program was flexible and free and had many options, including opportunities to learn about nutrition and participate in exercise classes.  I enjoyed the motivational posts and the focus on lifestyle and health.  The program was just the boost I needed to get started on losing weight and working on my nutrition and wellness.  Thank you! “

“So thrilled that I signed up for Greene County Biggest Loser this year. I am 72 years old and healthy except for being overweight with arthritis in my knees and walking and stairs are a struggle for me. Losing weight will help me so much, but I hate dieting. The biggest loser program has helped me push myself and I am losing weight and I am eating healthier. Thank you for your encouragement and support.”

“Besides wanting to be healthy and lose weight and look better . I am very competitive and I felt that joining a contest would motivate me even more to lose weight and try to win. It also made me accountable because I had to weigh in and I didn’t want to be disappointed in myself.”

Video Testimonials

Before & After

Bob K.
Bob began his weight-loss journey before joining the 2020 Biggest Loser Contest. The contest helped him lose additional weight for a total of 97lbs!