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Biggest Loser Contest

The Biggest Loser Greene County Edition

The Greene County Rural Health Network’s 2020 Biggest Loser Contest has come to an end. The goal of our Biggest Loser Contest is to help people reach a healthier weight, not necessarily a perfect weight. Despite the fact that this year’s participants faced unprecedented challenges in their quest for a healthier self, the results were amazing! After 16 weeks, despite gyms being closed and stress levels elevated, participants collectively lost over 1400 lbs or an average of 14 lbs per person. More than half of those who completed the program lost 10lbs or more and over one fourth lost 20lbs or more! Carl Rappleyea was this year’s top winner in the “Most lbs Lost” Category, losing 77.6 pounds and Steven Mancuso, top winner in the “Highest % of Body Weight Lost,” lost 27.7% of his overall body weight. Almost 50 participants lost at least 5% of their body weight – a typical standard for many weight-loss programs and will now continue into the Maintenance Program which will run until August 14th. Check out the rest of the winners below and what some of the participants had to say about their experience!

“It was very difficult to stay focused and maintain motivation due to the Coronavirus and all the changes that occurred. However, I was able to adjust to changes and kept pushing myself forward. I was grateful for every pound I lost and very proud of myself for continuing even though I wanted to give up often. Working from home made this much more difficult as I sat here day in and day out next to my kitchen. Every time I thought about that bag of chips I reminded myself how I got where I am and where I came from.”

“I thank the biggest loser contest for helping me lose 29+ pounds! This lowered my blood sugar levels and I feel 100% better!”

“Greene County’s Biggest Loser contest gave me the push I needed to focus on my health goals and stick with the plan.”

“The contest helped me get through COVID isolation! Toni’s daily emails, filled with exercise and food tips, gave me focus and encouragement to keep my eye on my health, weight and fitness goals. I am so glad I signed up and will happily do it again!”

“I would like to Thank Toni Carroll for her continued support during the Biggest Loser Contest. When I decided to sign up for the contest it was just a little incentive in my weight loss program, but getting the continued e-mails from Toni gave me encouragement. The Greene County Rural Health Network has developed a good way to help the citizens of Greene County become motivated in becoming healthier and anyone interested in achieving a healthier weight should consider joining in this contest the next time it is offered.”

“I attribute my first successful weight loss to the Greene County Biggest Loser Contest! Despite being a fairly active person, I was overwhelmed by the weight I needed to lose and the dietary changes that I had to make to be healthier. This contest made it possible to set smart and attainable goals, and the resources and tips that were provided consistently through the program made it much easier to stay motivated to make healthy choices. I’m excited to continue on with the healthy habits I developed through the contest and keep working toward new goals.”

2020 Winners

Highest Percentage of Body Wt. Lost Most Lbs. Lost
Stephen Mancuso - (27.33% - $1,000) Carl Rappleyea - (77.9lbs - $1,000)
Melanie Lekocevic - (20.83% - $700) Elyse Browne - (51.8lbs - $700)
Steve Canfield - (20% - $500) Stacy M Post - (40.6lbs - $500)
$50 Winners $50 Winners
Eugenia M Heslin Amanda Brown
Dylan Auger Dana Brown
Lisa Pollack Nanette Weeks
Anne Wais Audra Street
Amy Valderrama Matthew Maraglio
Fabby Street Mark Maraglio
Stacey Baldwin Deyo Jonathan VanSchaack
Deborah Kinney Daniel Timmerman
Jackie Reese Linda Meltz
Kayla Eacott Craig Renner
Rebecca Christiana Robert Kelly
Tracy Boehm Shaq Simms
Monika Fabiano Diana Freund
Sean Harrington Stanislav Samolyuk
Kelsey West Jason Christiana
Cathy Monteverde Jillian Jenkins