Healthy Weight Initiative

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Biggest Loser Contest

The Biggest Loser Greene County Edition

The Biggest Loser contest is back! 2020 has been a long and challenging year; if COVID and quarantine have given you some extra pounds, you are not alone. Let the Greene County RHN help. Registration for this year’s contest is now open. Biggest Loser is a 16-week weight loss program open to all Greene County residents. Over 60 cash prizes will be awarded totaling over $7,000. We also have a new Family category this year (must consist of at least 3 family members, 18 years or older). Get your kids off their phones and your spouse off the couch and you can all get healthy together! Participants will receive support throughout the contest with weight loss tips, healthy recipes, exercise suggestions, and nutrition guidance.

Start 2021 off right, LOSE TO WIN!

**We want to stress that the purpose of the Biggest Loser contest is to promote better health for those participating. Each participant is encouraged to engage in healthy, safe and sustainable weight loss. We ask if you are planning to use over-the-counter diet pills or weight loss surgery or any other cosmetic surgery that will result in weight loss (i.e., liposuction, tummy tuck, etc.) that you refrain from participating in this year’s contest. If you cannot participate this year, you are still welcome to access our website which includes a variety of health education information on weight loss, nutrition, exercise and overall health. Thank you.

Community Coordinator Weigh-In Dates & Times

Community Action of Greene County
Mon. 2/1 – Fri. 2/5
8:30am-4:30pm (closed 12n – 1pm)
Please call ahead (518) 943-9205

Excel Physical Therapy – Coxsackie
Mon. 2/1 & Wed. 2/3: 7am-7pm
Tue. 2/2, Thurs. 2/4 & Fri. 2/5: 7am-5pm

Excel Physical Therapy – Cairo
Mon. 2/1 & Fri. 2/5: 7am-5pm
Tue. 2/2 & Thurs. 2/4: 9am-7pm
Wed. 2/3: 7am-3pm

Excel Physical Therapy – Catskill
Mon. 2/1, Wed. 2/3 & Fri. 2/5: 7am-3pm
Tue. 2/2 & Thurs. 2/4: 11am-7pm

Greene Medical Arts
Mon. 2/1: 8am-5pm
Wed. 2/3 – Fri. 2/5: 8am-5pm

Heermance Public Library
Wed. 2/3: 2:30pm-6pm
Fri. 2/5: 10pm-4pm
Sat. 2/6: 10pm-2pm

Kelly’s Pharmacy (Greenville & Coxsackie)
Mon. 2/1 – Fri. 2/5: 9am-7pm
Sat. 2/6: 9am-5pm
Sun. 2/7: 9am-3pm

Lee Physical Therapy & Wellness
Mon. 2/1 & Wed. 2/3: 8am-12pm or 1-4pm
Tue. 2/2 & Thurs. 2/4: 10am-1pm or 2-7pm
Fri. 2/5: 8am-12pm

Mountain Top Library
Mon. 2/1 – Sat. 2/6: 12n-4pm
Please call ahead (518) 589-5707

Personal Best Fitness
Tue. 2/2 & Thurs. 2/4: 1pm-4pm
Or call for an appointment
(518) 734-4266

Wellness Rx
Mon. 2/1 – Fri. 2/5: 9am-6pm
Sat. 2/6: 9-5pm

Video Testimonials

Before & After

Bob K.
Bob began his weight-loss journey before joining the 2020 Biggest Loser Contest. The contest helped him lose additional weight for a total of 97lbs!
Community Groups
Community Action of Greene County
Contact: Carol Burnett
7856 Us Highway 9W
Catskill, NY 12414
Kelly's Pharmacy Coxsackie
Contact: Kris Baskiewicz
34 Hope Plaza
West Coxsackie, NY 12192
Excel Physical Therapy Cairo
Contact: Marie Carroll
247 Main Street (Hannaford Plaza)
Cairo, NY 12413
Kelly's Pharmacy Greenville
Contact: Kris Baskiewicz
4852 NY-81
Greenville, NY 12083
Excel Physical Therapy Catskill
Contact: Lily Barber
159 Jefferson Heights
Suite D002
Catskill, NY 12414
Lee Physical Therapy & Wellness
Contact: Brandi Schneider
4383 Route 23 #102
Cairo, NY 12413
Excel Physical Therapy Coxsackie
Contact: Marie Carroll
11831 Rt. 9W
West Coxsackie, NY 12192
Mountain Top Library
Contact: Maureen Garcia
6093 Main St
Tannersville, NY 12485
Greene Medical Arts Pharmacy
Contact: Robin McIntosh
159 Jefferson Heights
Catskill, NY 12414
Personal Best Fitness
Contact: Mary Schoepe
363 NY-296
Hensonville, NY 12439
Heermance Public Library
Contact: Eileen Goble
1 Ely Street
Coxsackie, NY 12051
Wellness Rx
Contact: Beth Rennig, Angie Firmalino, Greg Madden
5980 Main St
Tannersville, NY 12485
Participating Worksite Groups
Athens Generating
Contact: Chris Mitchell & Colleen Dolan
Hunter-Tannersville SCD
Contact: Ritamary Vining
American National Insurance
Contact: Jill Lamenec
National Bank of Coxsackie
Contact: Kelli Forschner
Cairo Durham School
Contact: Tracy Selner
The Andrea Macko Group
Andrea Macko
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Contact: Eileen West
The Capri O'hara Group
Contact: Capri O'hara
Coxsackie CSD
Contact: Tina Dombroski
The Janine Snyder Group
Janine Snyder
Contact: Tom Borfitz
Twin County Recovery Services, Inc.
Contact: Renee Pine
Glaxo Smith Kline
Contact: Noreen Powers
Windham Ashland Jewitt CSD
Contact: Cathi Aplin
Greene County Courthouse
Contact: Julia Quinn