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Biggest Loser Contest

The Biggest Loser Greene County Edition

Biggest Loser Contest 2019

The Greene County Rural Health Network is pleased to announce that our 7th annual Biggest Loser contest will begin on February 4, 2019. The 16-week weight loss contest will end on May 24, 2019. Those who lose at least 5% of their starting weight will be eligible to continue on in the weight maintenance portion of the contest, which will go until August 30th.

This is a free contest that is open to anyone who lives in Greene County. All participants must have a coordinator to conduct the weigh-ins. Community coordinators will be available to conduct weigh-ins for those who are not joining with others at work or another group. Click here for the contest rules.

Biggest Loser Weight Loss Contest: February 4, 2019 – May 24, 2019
Two categories of prizes: Total Pounds Lost and Percentage of Weight Lost
Prizes in each category include:
1st place: $1,000
2nd place $700
3rd place: $500
$50 gift cards to 15 winners
20 $25 gift cards at contest midpoint

Biggest Loser Weight Maintenance Contest: May 25, 2019 – August 30, 2019
Participants who lose at least 5% of their starting weight are eligible to participate. Winners will be drawn at random from those who maintain their weight loss.
1st place: $500
2nd place: $300
3rd place: $200
$50 gift cards for 30 participants

All participants must weigh-in with a coordinator. If you do not have a coordinator, you can get weighed in with one of our Community Coordinators listed here. Weigh-in dates and times will be posted when available.

Community Action of Greene County
7856 Rt 9W, Catskill
Monday, Feb 4 & Tuesday, Feb 5: 8:30-11:30am
(or email for afternoon appt)

Greene County YMCA
35 Rt 81, Coxsackie
Monday, February 4: 5am–9pm

Fitness Concepts
363 State Rt 296, Hensonville
Monday, Feb 4 & Tuesday, Feb 5: Noon–4pm
(or email for appt)

Muscle Hypertrophy
171 West Main St., Catskill
Tuesday, Feb 5: 6-9pm (Muscle Hypertrophy)
Wednesday, Feb 6: 9–2pm (Greene Medical Arts Pharmacy)

Fitness For Life
665 Main Street Cairo
Monday, Feb 4 & Tuesday, Feb 5: 8am-Noon & 4pm-7pm (or by appointment)
New and Present Members get a friend/relative to join our gym get a MONTH FREE!!!

SWEAT Exercise Studio
609 Main St., Catskill
Friday, Feb 1: 6:30am & Tuesday Feb 5: 6pm

Ostrander Physical Therapy
4383 Rt 23 Cairo
Monday, Feb 4: 8–Noon, 1-4pm

Greene County Public Health
411 Main St., Catskill
Monday, Feb 4: 8:30am–4:30pm
(call for appt on Tuesday if needed)

9 Round Catskill
210 W Bridge St., Catskill

Greene Medical Arts Pharmacy
Greene Medical Arts Bldg
159 Jefferson Heights, Catskill
Monday, Feb 4 & Tuesday, Feb 5: 9–6pm

The kick-off event will be at the Greene County YMCA on Monday, February 11 2019 at 6:30pm.

Please contact, if you have any questions.

Registration for the 2019 Biggest Loser Contest is now closed. Join us in 2020!

Biggest Loser 2018 Winners

Total Pounds Lost: Percentage of Weight Lost:
1st place ($1,000): Kelly Ryan : 54.6lbs 1st place ($1,000) : Dawn Miller : 20.8%
2nd place ($700): Dan Timmerman : 50lbs 2nd place ($700) : Amy Kirsch : 20.4%
3rd place ($500) : Stephen Grasse : 43.2 lbs 3rd place ($500) : Melanie Lekocevic : 19.6%
Gift Card Winners ($50): Gift Card Winners ($50):
Chad Wade Jamie Dennis
Jonathan VanSchaack Jennifer Wood
Suzanne Russell Christina Marie Hendricks
Heidi Dolan Renee Pine
Susan Evans Janet Lorenz
Becky Miller Kevin Brink
Kara Alger Kimberly Meagher
Kerry Quinn Cathleen Goodwin
Patricia Whitworth Lisa Pollack
Martin Conlon Kathy Rockefeller
Matthew Byrne Nora Adelman
Rose Caggiano Michele Zerfuss
Georgiana Street Kimberly Ryan
Christy Thorrington Donna Quintana
EJ Salvino Wesley Lackie
Mark Maraglio

 Please note that there are more than 15 gift card winners in one category as there was a tie.