Healthy Weight Initiative

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Biggest Loser Contest

The Biggest Loser Greene County Edition

The 2020 biggest loser contest is well under way and participants just completed their 6 week weigh-in. Twenty winners were randomly chosen and were awarded healthy gifts such as exercise balls, water bottles and scales! The next weigh-in will be at 10 weeks.

Congratulations to the following winners: Anna Schmidt, Audra Street, Rebecca Christiano, Kathy Deering, Kayla Eacott, Diana Freund, Shaq Simms, Karen Zindell, Jill Carroll, Shawn Bender, Mary Donahue, Ann Marie Conroy, Norman Hedden, Patricia Tompkins, Stephen Brunner, Christie Hicks, Tracey Testo, Kaitlyn Tedford, Lara Rivenburg and Adele Carr

Biggest Loser 2019 Winners

Total Pounds Lost: Percentage of Weight Lost:
1st place ($1,000): Thomas Skinner : 110.8 lbs 1st place ($1,000) : Chris Reiker : 23.76%
2nd place ($700): Stanley Webster : 70.8 lbs 2nd place ($700) : Lauren Clark : 19.46%
3rd place ($500) : Ryan Skinner : 61 lbs 3rd place ($700) : Jackie Reese : 19.46%
3rd place ($500) : Scott Rothenay : 17.99%
$50 Award Winners: $50 Award Winners:
Steven Mokszycki Ramon Correa
Sandra Carroll Veronica Cooke
Elsie Spring Kim Webster
Michael Merchant Alison Hyer
Mackenzie Higgins Erica Izer
Susan Pissari Barb Kerr
Stephen Grasse Gina Shanley
Tiffany Richards Steph Krasney
Lisa Barbieri Steph Krasney
Dawn Savasta Janell Schoonmaker
Tina Avalos Janell Schoonmaker
Jen Howard Kim Hall
Shawn Bender Christina Hendricks
Charlene Lydon Shannon Eddy
Heidi Dolan Barb Delia