Our Priorities

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GreeneHealth has identified six key priorities on which it is investing approximately $2.5 million over the period 2009-2017). These priorities are based on the results of an extensive, 16-month study including three surveys conducted by GreeneHealth and the review and analysis of health status data collected by the State Department of Health. We continually collect and analyze new data to assess the impact of our programs and improve them where indicated, and to determine when we should drop an existing priority and add a new one.

  • Providing education and funding new programs to address the issue of healthy weight.
  • Establishing new mental health and substance/alcohol abuse counseling services in primary care physician offices.
  • Supporting efforts to improve the quality of emergency medical service while lowering their cost
  • Promoting compliance with health screening guidelines.
  • Expanding dental services in Greene County.
  • Helping residents find and utilize the health care services available in Greene County.